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Vessel Safety Check Program

Support your Squadron and the
U.S. Coast Guard Safe Boating Program

If you want to schedule a VSC or become a VSC team member
Contact: Patrick McGeehan

Free courtesy Vessel Safety Checks cover safety equipment carried or installed on a vessel, and certain aspects of the vesselís condition. If the vessel meets or exceeds all requirements, the examiner will award the owner or operator a decal current for that year. VSCs decals expire at yearís end, so vessels should be checked every year.

If a vessel doesnít pass their Vessel Safety Check, we are prohibited from notifying or reporting anything to authorities. If safety gear needs to be purchased to pass, we provide coupons for 10% discount at West Marine. There is no down side for having a VSC. Itís a win-win endeavor for everyone, that leaves vessel owners and operators knowing their vessel is safe, and meets Federal and State requirements.

All VSCs also include briefings on safe operation, proper training, and recommended non-required safety equipment that all responsible vessel owners and operators should consider. Among the subjects addressed includes; Boating Safety Classes, Marine Radios, Nautical Charts, Fuel Management, Accident Reporting requirements, Survival Tips, First Aid Kits, and Float Plans. We attempt to answer any questions asked. If we donít know the answer, we always follow-up with verified information.

The best way for someone to prepare for a successful Vessel Safety Check is to visit the Virtual VSC web page and complete a self-examination on all your vessels. Then schedule a VSC by an ASPS examiner by using the contact information shown above.

Our Goal is Simply to Help Make Boating as Safe as Possible

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