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CDR Bruce
XO Ralph AO PrescilaSEO Mike

Secretary Treasurer AssitAO Assit SEO

Asist Secretary Assist Treasuer Membership AW Editor

Past Commander VSC Chair Safety Officer Co-Op Chair

Members of the Executive Committee:
Susan Gilbert, S
Kay Himmelmann
Harun Kazaz
P/Lt/C Georgiana Maszczenski, S
P/D/C Jeffrey Short, JN-IN
Ed Sunderland, JN
Bill Vosburgh
P/C John Wilmot, JN

Audit Committee:
Bill Klepczynski, JN, Chair
P/C Rich Hughes, SN-IN
Leyla Kazaz
Diane Leasure

Rules Committee:
D/Lt Stu Myers Jr., AP, Chair
P/C Anthony Martin, JN
Purnell Delly

Nominating Committee:
P/C Anthony D. Martin, JN Chair
P/C Ron Ricketts, AP
P/C Peggy Slattery, S
P/C John Wilmot, JN

The Seas May Be Rough, But Our Leadership Will Always Prevail

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