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Commander: Ron Ricketts, S
cutive Officer: Peggy Slattery, S
Education Officer: Michael J. Maszczenski, Jr., N
Administrative Officer: Bruce Arey, JN
Secretary: Carol Rechner, SN
Treasurer: Terry Slattery, S
Assistant Education Officer: Patrick McGeehan, P
Assistant Admin Officer: Liz Donohoe
Assistant Secretary: Linda Sweeting
Assistant Treasurer: Tom Campbell
Immediate Past Commander: Anthony D. Martin, JN

Members of the Executive Committee:
Jon Evans
Larry Groce
P/LtC Georgiana Maszczenski, S
Monica Maynard
Lee Mayer, N
Ed Sunderland, JN
Bill Vosburgh
P/C John Wilmot, JN

Audit Committee:
Bill Klepczynski, JN, Chair
P/C Rich Hughes, SN-IN
Jon Evans

Rules Committee:
D/Lt Stu Myers Jr., AP, Chair
Sandrine Hilden
Frank R. Slattery, N

Nominating Committee:
P/C Joel A. Hilden, P, Chair
P/C Jeffrey E. Short, JN-IN
P/C Anthony D. Martin, JN
P/LtC Gary P. Antonides, AP
Phil Rondeau, N