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ASPS Educational Program for 2018

Please watch this page for any changes to our schedule and offerings. We are working on offering additional educational opurtunities, keep and eye on the site for changes.

If you are interested in a course or seminr please register now so books and material can be ordered.

America's Boating Course 16 hrs
Instructor: P/C Bruce D. Arey, JN & Patrict McGeehan, P
Tuesdays,  Febuary 13  to April 10, 2018, 6:45 PM to 9:00 PM
Cost: $50.00
This is the first course you should take as a boater. The following will be covered:
Types of boats and their use
Boating laws both federal and state
Safety equipment both required and recommended
Finding your way and adverse conditions
Trailering, knots and water sports
Intro to piloting and electronic charts and GPS

Upon passing the test you will get a proof of your Passing a boating safety course, satisfying the Maryland State requirements to operate a recreational vessel. As a bonus opportunity the United States Power Squadrons will be offering 18 month membership for the price of one year to all who pass ABC.

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Advanced Piloting
Instructor: Lt Richard Hughes, SN-IN
Tuesdays , January 23 to April 24, 2017 6:45 PM to 9:00 PM
Cost: $80.00, without Weekend Navigator $100.00 with Weekend Navigator
Note Non-Member additional fee of $20.00 for record maintenance and testing.
Optional Items 4"X 15" Plotter $8.00 4" Compass $8.00
This course is the second part of the inland and coastal navigation series. This material builds on the base developed in Piloting, and includes practical use of additional electronic navigation systems and other advanced techniques for finding position. It is such a change from the old AP course, it will be worthwhile for those already having taken AP to tune their skills with this new course. Among topics covered are: Finding position using bearings and angles, Collision avoidance using GPS, and Radar, What to do when the electronics fail, Tides, currents and wind and their effect on piloting, Electronic navigation with - GPS, Chart plotters, RADAR, Autopilots, etc, Application of course lectures through practical, in class, exercises. 

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Marine Electrical Systems
Instructor: Lt F. Stewart Myers Jr., AP
Wednesdays  January 24 to April 25, 2017 6:45 PM to 9:00 PM
Cost: $75.00 member Non-Member additional fee of $20.00 for record maintenance and testing.
Marine Electrical Systems (MES) covers the practice of wiring your boat, including boat electrical wiring practices and diagrams, direct and alternating current power, galvanic and stray current corrosion, and lightning protection. Troubleshooting is emphasized throughout, so students should feel comfortable performing even tricky wiring tasks after passing this course. 

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Seminars: All seminars are being currently planned to be offered one each Wednesday starting 7 February 2018 at Annapolis High School. Please register now for any seminar you would be interested in- it will greatly facilitate planning.


Knots, Bends and Hitches
Instructor: Lt/C Carol Rechner, SN and Lt Linda Sweeting
Date: 14 February
Cost: $35.00    Optional Book: $15.00
This seminar is a hands-on "learn how to tie knots" program geared to a wide range of audiences. Participants learn about knots and learn to tie a set of the most useful knots. The kit comes with a 6” x 8.5” color manual of the slides with documentation suitable to be kept on the boat or your bookshelf. 

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How to use a chart
Instructor: Lt/C Carol Rechner, SN and Lt Linda Sweeting
Date: 21 February
Cost: $35.00     Optional items: Chart symbols- $20.00 and Plotter- $8.00

The NOAA Chart No. 1 is the quintessential reference to chart details, but is difficult to understand. This seminar walks you through what you really need to know in an entertaining and interesting fashion. In addition to showing you all about your chart, this seminar walks you through the essentials of laying out a safe course, and the steps to measure a course with the USPS plotter. 

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Man Overboard
Instructor: P/C LT John W. Nash, SN-IN and P/C LT Kathy Nash, AP-IN
Date: 28 February
Cost: $35.00

This seminar is designed to teach boaters how to react, and then, how to recover a crewmember or passenger who accidentally falls overboard. The seminar covers vessel set-up and MOB equipment, maneuvering to keep the rescuer close to the MOB, the responsibility of the MOB in this emergency situation, and methods of recovering the MOB.

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VHF/DSC Radios
Instructor:  Ron Rickets
Date: March 7, 2018
Cost: $35.00      Optional Quick Guide: $10.00
VHF radio is the mainstay of coastal communication and essential for emergency communications. Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is rapidly becoming a reality as more Coast Guard Rescue 21 System operations go live. This seminar explains basic VHF operation along with the operation of the new DSC radio, MMSI numbers, making emergency calls, and radio selection. 

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Trailering  Your Boat
Instructor: Lt Gary Antonides, AP
Date: 14 March
Cost: $35.00           Optional Book: $15.00

This seminar has been updated for 2014. It explains how to select a tow vehicle, discusses the correct towing hitch for the intended use, and information to aid in choosing a trailer that has the features that meet your needs. It explains how to safely trailer your boat, why you must match the trailer hitch ball to your trailer hitch, the need for and types of trailer brakes, and the importance of correct electrical connections. 

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Tides and Current
Instructor: P/C LT John W. Nash, SN-IN and P/C LT Kathy Nash, AP-IN
Date: 4 April
Cost: $35.00

The seminar deals with how the sun and moon create tidal patterns, sources of information about tides and tidal currents, simple ways to predict height of tide and current flow and how to use both print and electronic tide tables. Each student receives a full color text booklet on the subject for future reference. 

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Instructor: Purnell Delly
Date: April 11
Cost: $35.00       Optional Quick Guide: $10.00

The new Anchoring Seminar has been prepared to assist boaters in understanding the issues and problems involving the theories of anchor weight, the methods used to anchor, and the choices of anchor types for the area of boating. The slides and notations on anchoring are intended to raise awareness of the need for correct anchor choices and the mechanics of proper anchoring techniques. The knowledge gained from completing this seminar will increase the student’s understanding of the conditions and situations involved in anchoring a boat and the need for a proper anchor choice. The kit comes with 6" x 8.5" color manual of the slides with documentation suitable to be kept on the boat or your bookshelf.

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Introduction to Navigation  (will be taught in two sessions)
Instructor: Richard Hughes, Mike Maszczenski, Purnell Delly
Date: April 25 & May 2
Cost: $35.00

The Introduction to Navigation seminar replaces the Basic Coastal Navigation seminar, and presents information to enable beginning recreational boaters to practice safe passage using navigation charts with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology on devices such as chart plotters. This seminar introduces recreational boaters to navigation using charts in combination with GPS and the electronic navigation software, OpenCPN Continued education on using OpenCPN software is provided in the continuum of education in advanced courses such as Piloting and Navigation. Navigation chart and OpenCPN data is introduced through no-cost website access. ( ).

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Visual Distress Signals with Flare Demo and Practice
Joint seminar with Kent Narrow Sail and Power Squadron will be held in April just in time for everyone to be digging out those old flares before spring commissioning. The site will be at the Kent Island Yacht Club. Complete details will be coming in future Anchor Watches and on the website.

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Register now! Having your registration now lets us plan the future.
If you would like to add your name to a class list for any of the offerings, please use the ASPS registration link below to make a reserved seat now. You may cancel your reservation at a later date, but putting in your name early gives me approximate numbers to facilitate ordering materials. To suggest an additional course or seminar offering, please contact me.
Register online.
Click on this link: You can also email me at or Or you can call 410-739-7800. Please include your full name, the class you want to sign up for, and a phone number in case further information is needed.

Locations Annapolis:
Annapolis Sr. High School, Riva Road,
Please follow this spot and the website for course and seminar updates.

Inclement Weather Policy:

Classes will need to be rescheduled if Anne Arundel County Schools are closed during a scheduled class or seminar. Please monitor the news or the website during times of inclement weather, if evening activities are cancelled so are ASPS classes.


Check KNSPS for additional courses
If ASPS doesn't have the course you need, check out our friends across the Bay Bridge - Kent Narrows Sail and Power Squadron

Electronic Navigation
08 January 2018  Six Monday evenings 1830 - 2130 (6:30 PM to 9:30 PM)
Location: Kent Island Volunteer Fire Dept. Community Room, 1610 Main St. Chester MD
To register contact John Locke, 443 262-8271 or Registration deadline Dec 27
Cost Members $68.00 Non Members $85.00

Junior Navigator-  March 2018

Check out their Newslettter "Tidelines" Nov/Dec Newsletter (
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